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MA Thesis: Mapping Malala
Design Academy of Eindhoven // 2012

The flow of publications that followed the attack on a young Pakistani girl, Malala Yousafzai, in October 2012 has been the basis of my research into the way American and Pakistani media treat news. My aim is to show how the news, which is originally a report of a current incident ends up transforming and circulating into the branding of an idea that supports, justifies or interrelates with an opinion that may not have any relevance at all, but is pushing to be seen as a reality. How do these authors and media push their reading of the story? And how do online publishing and a growing reader's participation influence our perception of news?

Thesis Book Sample
Designs & Sketches


1. 'Self Unself' Exhibition at Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven - October, 2013

© Peter Cox, Eindhoven - Van Abbemuseum

© Peter Cox, Eindhoven - Van Abbemuseum

2. Dutch Design Week Graduation Show at Design Academy of Eindhoven - October, 2013

© Conor Trawinski

© Conor Trawinski

3. 'Mastering Design' Exhibition at MUDAC, Lausanne - November, 2013

Views of the exhibition Mastering Design. Design Academy Eindhoven and Royal College of Art
mudac, Lausanne
31.10.2013 – 9.02.2014

Photographs © David Gagnebin-de Bons

4. Design Academy of Eindhoven - June, 2013


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Thesis Book Sample
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Designs & Sketches
Map 1: Which Press Got the Story First on Day 1?
Map 2: Which Press Got the Story First on Day 1?
Map 3: Which Press Got the Story First on Day 1?
Malala's Timeline
Malala's Timeline Narrative
Mapping Malala's Story
Mapping Malala's Story with Imagery
News Diffusion
Assessing News Content Online
Word Cloud Sculpture